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  • RT @SonySantaMonica: A new beginning #GodofWar - Apr. 20th, 2018 https://t.co/Ufaj8Vz1zi https://t.co/z6VU62ANlz 23/Jan/2018 17:16:49
  • The wait is nearly over. Kratos returns to action on 20th April with #GodofWar for PS4. We’ve got a new trailer &… https://t.co/J2ZaEabScq 23/Jan/2018 16:02:23
  • Tomorrow, Until Dawn creator @SuperMGames opens the doors of Blackwood Sanatorium with its chilling #PSVR horror Th… https://t.co/VFRvNCIQGZ 23/Jan/2018 15:05:47
  • Use the power of the third dimension and #PSVR to save a travelling band of religious explorers from attack in Pop-… https://t.co/rJneUr2xU7 23/Jan/2018 14:33:25
  • Find out how a Google search helped decide the name of @SquareEnix’s latest #PS4 RPG, Lost Sphear, which launches t… https://t.co/q7cAB5pIIs 23/Jan/2018 14:03:18
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