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  • Get the best battlefield tips ahead of your first #Titanfall2 weekend thanks to @Respawn: https://t.co/0uMjevTNik https://t.co/JrsrW4Pbf9 26/Oct/2016 20:01:03
  • Two new licensed pro controllers announced for PS4 – check out the Nacon Revolution and Razer Raiju:… https://t.co/inxDX7nwIa 26/Oct/2016 19:55:03
  • Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture heads up November’s PlayStation Plus line-up. Check out the full list:… https://t.co/FigXWgCjQc 26/Oct/2016 19:45:03
  • Outfit yourself in your favourite Dark Souls, Soul Calibur character garbs in @LittleBigPlanet 3:… https://t.co/kq72mm8A4l 26/Oct/2016 19:01:03
  • Put the pedal down and cure your Need for Speed with our Deal of the Week on PlayStation Store:… https://t.co/7Tkvt9H7C5 26/Oct/2016 17:11:00
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