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  • RT @PlayStationUK: When that FIFA 18 hashtag hits Twitter... #FIFA18 #FIFA18 #FIFA18 25/Sep/2017 19:14:53
  • If last week's reveal wasn't enough, get a glimpse of @LeftAliveGame's gameplay in this stylish new trailer.… https://t.co/M1GkL6QhGw 25/Sep/2017 19:12:06
  • FIFA 18, Nioh's final DLC and gorgeous puzzle-platformer Hob head up the new releases on PS Store this week:… https://t.co/ejEGiUoYkt 25/Sep/2017 17:40:07
  • RT @PlayStationFCFR: La #MANETTEDOR récompense le plus beau but sur PS4. Vous pensez la mériter ? 🏆 https://t.co/hh0rZS2l4r 25/Sep/2017 16:37:09
  • Happy 20th birthday @SuckerPunchProd! The inFAMOUS studio looks back at 2 decades of making awesome games:… https://t.co/FQDyMQTnlU 25/Sep/2017 16:02:06
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