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  • Keep the enemy in your sights during Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown's air battles with a 360 degree field of vision, c… https://t.co/DCRMPIIm8F 15/Dec/2017 18:34:06
  • Fresh PlayStation Store weekend discounts are now live, including The Sims 4, The Evil Within 2, The Elder Scrolls… https://t.co/B8NinanH5U 15/Dec/2017 17:15:06
  • RT @monsterhunter: Preload starts on December 18th. Those that played the PS Plus Beta last weekend will be able use the same client to pla… 15/Dec/2017 16:38:38
  • RT @monsterhunter: Sharpen your Hammers! The #MHWorld Beta starts on Dec 22nd for ALL PS4 players! https://t.co/VBfqg2iELb 15/Dec/2017 16:36:49
  • Discover how classic action RPG Titan Quest is being optimised for PS4, ahead of its 2018 launch - from controls, t… https://t.co/Q5RYyLoF0z 15/Dec/2017 16:08:48
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