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  • The Farewell Wilderness is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Find out what awaits you in the open world setting of… https://t.co/HvpmVggPBc 20/Jan/2019 19:15:05
  • Tomb raiding, open-world adventuring and gritty superhero action are on the menu as PlayStation Store welcomes back… https://t.co/fXQwtRRrjU 20/Jan/2019 16:31:04
  • A new world. A bold reinvention. An unforgettable journey Congratulations, @SonySantaMonica! #God of War was the b… https://t.co/kIZHKOJSu3 20/Jan/2019 14:18:05
  • Wandersong is a musical adventure brimming with soul! Sing your heart out from 22nd January:… https://t.co/v0VizUHYeA 19/Jan/2019 16:41:05
  • It's official! Rocket League has joined the PlayStation Cross-Play Beta program: https://t.co/6lbjOzTHZQ https://t.co/7SHlLP3akI 19/Jan/2019 10:24:10
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