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  • RT @mediamolecule: Missed the debut of The Adventures of Mega Penguin last week? You can watch the results of our #E32018 Game Jam right no… 17/Jul/2018 12:15:24
  • What have you been playing this year? 🎮 💉 - The Inpatient 🐉 - Monster Hunter World 🏇 - Shadow of the Colossus 🐁 -… https://t.co/FyAvX6VxLh 17/Jul/2018 10:33:19
  • #FarCry5 goes to space in the Lost on mars DLC, one of the big hitters coming to PS Store this week:… https://t.co/YiwC5zArq9 16/Jul/2018 17:44:08
  • This week’s PlayStation Store highlights: Far Cry 5’s DLC Lost on Mars, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion… https://t.co/5G8hG4Lzw6 16/Jul/2018 15:41:47
  • PlayStation Hits arrives, Mothergunship blasts onto PS4 and Sonic the Hedgehog returns. Here's what's coming to Pl… https://t.co/veDsNYYubi 16/Jul/2018 09:09:42
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