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  • Join @BryanDechart and David Cage as they sit down to discuss creating the intense interrogation scene from… https://t.co/K20uFvLaQS 25/Jun/2018 16:51:05
  • Early access to #TheCrew2 Gold Edition is now open on PS4. Get out there and explore Motornation. https://t.co/5uSLaSv7B1 25/Jun/2018 16:41:48
  • The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Far Cry 3 Classic Edition lead the line-up of new releases on PS Store… https://t.co/kuYeKohipy 25/Jun/2018 16:11:57
  • The creator of handsome upcoming adventure Astro Bot Rescue Mission gives his dos and don’ts of making a great… https://t.co/H70z1Swwts 25/Jun/2018 15:03:03
  • Find out how Tetris Effect on PS4 adds a clever new strategic layer to a decades-old formula - and learn what a ‘De… https://t.co/a4RDCYQoK5 25/Jun/2018 14:02:07
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