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  • A new adventure begins in #LifeisStrange2 Get your first in-depth look at the sequel to @dontnod_ent’s award-winni… https://t.co/zpoCXhKVWO 20/Aug/2018 21:03:23
  • Set off on a new journey. #LifeisStrange2 is coming to PS4, with the first episode arriving on 27th September. https://t.co/lIPLPjMs61 20/Aug/2018 20:00:01
  • Experience the Second World War like never before in the latest #Battlefield V trailer, direct from #Gamescom2018. https://t.co/SygOzlYeWV 20/Aug/2018 19:46:00
  • RT @CyberpunkGame: New system update available: gamescom version 2.18 > System update available > Update: Y/N > Updating, please wait… >… 20/Aug/2018 18:28:40
  • RT @sekirothegame: The clashing of swords is imminent. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice arrives March 22, 2019. https://t.co/BCaAua0S8O 20/Aug/2018 18:27:29
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