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  • How does #GodofWar feel to play? We went hands-on with Kratos’ return and have all the juicy details:… https://t.co/KKH4epU2M9 19/Mar/2018 19:52:08
  • Handsome RPG Ni No Kuni II and dino riding adventure Ark Park lead the line-up of new releases on PS Store this wee… https://t.co/Po617eheti 19/Mar/2018 18:39:06
  • A new week means new games coming to PS Store! This week’s big hitters include Ni No Kuni II, Ark Park and buddy-up… https://t.co/GnflYDZr6w 19/Mar/2018 15:11:40
  • With #GodofWar just a month away, we put @SonySantaMonica’s upcoming epic through its paces. Here’s what it’s like… https://t.co/SBQhwO5YvW 19/Mar/2018 15:07:15
  • RT @PlayStationES: Feliz día del padre, jugadores. #MiPapáEsDios #GodOfWar #FelizDíaDelPadre #PS4 https://t.co/2N0KiaPZ2x 19/Mar/2018 11:09:10
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