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  • Catch up on this week’s UEFA @ChampionsLeague goals on your PS4 with the PlayStation F.C. app, available for free n… https://t.co/L8TTpyc1Hc 22/Sep/2018 16:46:04
  • Great news! ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission has gone gold and is ready for its release on 2nd October🏆 Congrats… https://t.co/mTdD6dGzQl 22/Sep/2018 14:51:07
  • It's day three at #EGX2018 for the PlayStation Access team, and today they're taking on the beautiful game with a l… https://t.co/3nYmus9CLz 22/Sep/2018 12:50:05
  • Creed: Rise to Glory comes to #PSVR on 25th September, and we’ve got a list of tips from devs @Survios to help you… https://t.co/RfwwYfIxh7 22/Sep/2018 11:45:08
  • The Gran Turismo World Tour kicks off at the Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg today! Here’s what to expect:… https://t.co/OIvppRUZ6B 22/Sep/2018 09:31:06
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